Thursday, February 6, 2014

Borderlands 2 Loot the World App Help

Play this game!!!!!!

I've noticed people looking for some info on how to use the Loot the World App ( I see my review did not help).. Just click below..

Update - 3/29/15

The app has not been updated for some time on iTunes. Just a heads up.

The first thing you see here is a tweet from Gearbox Software giving out stamps for its Loot the World App. I love this little thing, it's so damn easy to use and it will scan just about all bar codes.... Now the point of the app is for real world bar codes and QD codes to be scanned and turned into items in the Borderlands 2 game. That is all it does right now; maybe a future update with a library or weapons or codes would be nice.

  • Stamps - This is the currency of the app. When a player would like to send the gear that they scanned into the game, this is how they pay for it. Each item is worth one stamp- Some codes do give people stamps.. Be on the look out for those products.
  • Camera - Make sure that your camera is clean and works. All you need to do is get the code inside the view box on the app... Then scan the code and you should have new loot.
  • Shift - This app will not work if a player doesn't have their Shift account set up. I really can't stress enough on that point. Just about every week Gearbox is still giving away Golden Key codes for use in Borderlands 2.
  • Technical Help - Send a message to @GearboxSoftware on Twitter.. or look for their Facebook (Lazy - I added the link for you)
  • Online Codes - Yes it works.... If the picture of the code looks like it's in good condition it will scan off the monitor or tablet or console... Whatever you use to look at "Your stuff" on the internet - I don't want to know what you look at.
  • Stash - The Inventory on the app will only hold so much.. Please don't get mad when you have to get rid of a lvl 13 shield ( I mean really.. Come on don't save it). On that note not all scans will give you an item that is the same lvl as your characters on Borderlands 2.
  • Borderlands - This only works with Borderlands 2 - Xbox 360, PC/MAC, and PS3.. Maybe Vita ??? Maybe...
  • Links- This a link to a site that may or may not have codes to scan( It's more fun to go outside to a store to scan the codes).. Apple Store and Google Store - These last two are for the app itself.
The Inventory

 The app is set up to be extremely easy to use. At no point should be not be able to understand how to use it - Point and scan a code. So with that I hope people understand the app a little better- it's so easy a Clap Trap can use it. Also I love this game.. So much I will play it on Xbox - ( Dvidluvzsteph) or PSN-   ( davidyerion1).. I know the names are not the best.... but TacoThunder is taken.

The Camera

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