Friday, July 5, 2013

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review Psn

 The Walking Dead is becoming a culture icon. With a fourth season of the show coming this year along with a second season of Telltales game, it seems like this series is showing no signs of slowing down. The Walking Dead game is nothing like the Activision pile of junk, it doesn’t follow the story line of the show(don’t confuse the two). Its based strictly from the comic books perspective. The game is driven more by the characters and the emotions they have during this turbulent time as everything is breaking down. The one thing that may throw people away from The Walking Dead is it in its basic form is a point and click adventure game. But don’t that fool you, this is one of the best games you will ever play in your life.

The Walking Dead 400 Days follows the story’s of five strangers. You take control of Vince, Shell, Bonnie , Wyatt , and Russell. Each individual story connects in some interesting ways that you will notice on your first play through. As you play certain things will catch your attention and soon you will begin to realize that these story’s are running parallel to the first game. With out spoiling the game i’ve written some vague descriptions to give you some idea as to what happens to each character. 
Vince- Can he escape his captors before he becomes one of the walking dead.
Shel- Living in a community is tough at times. Making the life or death decisions is something Shel will have to live with.
Bonnie- Caught up in a mess that she had no part it.
Wyatt- Will he ever be reunited with his friend Eddie?
Russell- Running from his past, but is his future far worse?

The gameplay and look of the game has not changed; and it doesn’t need to change. Telltale has added some very cool new controls during some of the stories... again I can’t ruin the game so you will just have to play it to find out what they have done. I will say that when your playing Vince’s story look for a familiar police vehicle driving by. The game has the same heart gripping story telling that has made Lee’s story so enjoyable to play over and over again.

The only problem I have is the price of this dlc; it’s shorter then any episode and it’s still five dollars. Its not something that should stop you from playing, its just that is the only thing I could find wrong. 400 Days brings us closer to some new characters that hopefully have some place in the second season.  The version I played was on the Playstation 3, as of July 5th it is finally released on the Xbox 360. So it is out on all current consoles as of today with the price tag of $5( Episode 1 is required to play this dlc). So if you’ve played the original and loved it add this dlc to your game and if you have never played it... stop wasting your time and play the game already.


All photos were taken during gameplay with my may not be the best camera ever.

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