Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rogue Legacy Vita - Mobile Month Review

In video games character die and respawn all the time. It gets to the point that most people expect that in every new game. In Rogue Legacy players only get one chance with that character before they die. Faced with the ultimate choice of picking a heir with a trait that will not get that them killed but something that will help get through this castle. Rogue Legacy is a little more frustrating at times which strangely enough makes you want to continue to play.

Players start off Rogue Legacy with the first character, the first knight to partake in this quest. Players will die relatively fast when they first start Rogue Legacy, it's just how the game is. Each new character can have a trait that will effect how the game is played. Some characters may have ADHD, Vertigo ( places the character on the roof of the castle your exploring), Dwarfism, and more. These traits completely change how you have to play the game. The one I really enjoyed the most is Vertigo, placing my character on the ceiling and causing my to rethink how I have to control the character was a great touch.

 Now as a player progresses through the game some characters will not have a trait, this does not make the game less enjoyable. Instead players with just use the basics and any Runes that may have been collected during play throughs. Runes can be bought with gold to add effects to the character - Double jump, Vampirism, Dash, and more. Gold is collect throughout the game by destroying enemies, opening chests, completing the clowns games, and destroying furniture. Basicly hit everythig you can with your sword.

The castle is really something to play in. Each time a player dies and goes back in( unless they lock down the castle with the Architect) the levels are randomly generated. This gives the game a high level of replay value. If a player does feel the need to explore just one version of the castle then they can expect to lose out on some gold. Playing through the harder parts of the castle will give more gold and that means players can buy better weapons, abilities, or characters( Like a bearded Barbarian Queen) .The one thing that I really don’t like is paying to go back into the castle. Each time a player re-enters they must pay all their remaining gold to Charon at the castles entrance.

Legacy really reminds me of a light hearted Dark Souls, at times it can get so frustrating that a player my feel like throwing the Vita down. Do not get mad that the game since it was made to be like this. Take the time to level up and try to remember what each enemy can do when they attack. It can be extremely easy to forget that come low level enemies can still cause you a huge amount of damage.

Released as part of Play 2014 for the Playstation systems, Rogue Legacy can also be found on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. This game is a Cross-Buy and Cross- Save title for all three Playstation systems giving the player a chance to enjoy this game any time they want. As a fan of the indie game scene I really have to recommend this game to everyone. Anyone who remembers play games like Mario or Zelda when they were kids will really enjoy Rogue Legacy, well who doesn’t love a game were all the female characters have beards. Followe me @davidyerion and on Facebook.

Note- My email and Vita are at war with each other. When I get those two to work together I will have better in game pictures.
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