Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 1- All That Remains Review

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The return of  The Walking Dead by Telltale games has finally come, five episodes will be released throughout 2014. Episode 1: All that Remains is a fast pace episode packed with moments that make you instantly hate or love these new characters. Packed with some serious choices that could either save or harm the new protagonist- Clementine. 

I usually stay away from putting spoilers in my reviews, I really want people to play the game. Ruining the story can really destroy the way people look at games. So here is it goes, players will discover that the two mysterious figures were in fact Omid and Christa. A mistake causes Clementine to lose her gun thus resulting in Omids death, a very pregnant Christa kills the young women that took Clementines gun. Thus beginning the game which really takes off 16 months after Omids death. This all happens in the minutes before the title sequence, welcome to The Walking Dead season 2.

This is how I felt after 5 min.....

When playing a Telltale game players can expect one thing- easy to use control configurations. Using the dual analog sticks to move Clem or the screen is still so simple and easy to use. The set up for the buttons is the same, highlighting an object will give players options. Those options will lead the player to one of the four buttons on the right side of the controller (depending on Xbox/PS3) opposite of the D-pad. The same comic book look is continued along with the gloomy colors that really help give the game  that end of the world hopelessness feel.  This first episode has a faster pace then any other from last season, it felt a little too short for my taste. Yet it still is a great start to the season.

Personally I get a little sick playing The Walking Dead. Its the nervousness of not knowing if I made the right decision or not. It took me two days after the episode was released to sit down and play it. Those two days were filled with hours of Battlefield and stressful glances at my blank note book. Now playing as a little girl has brought a whole new set of challenges. Not only are you smaller and have less strength the Lee did, people also look down apron a helpless little girl. Being forced to watch some of the things in episode 1 led me to believe one thing. Telltale is either a group of insane lunatics that love to see others suffer or some of the greatest story tellers around.

Upcoming Episodes

All that Remains is available on Xbox 360,PS3, mobile devices, and the Steam marketplace.the standalone price is $4.99 and if you feel like saving some money the season pass is only $14.99 right now- Hurry because that price won't last forever. I don't give out a score for games I use an easier method, Play or not play. The Walking Dead season 2 is a Play, at no point should anyone not even download the demo. The game has started on a very turbulent note and hopefully it will continue on through the rest of the episodes. Currently the only dates that are set for the next episodes is the year 2014. But don't worry once the date has been announced I and the rest of the internet will let everyone else know.

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