Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ace Combat Infinity Review

The free to play market has always been filled with games like Farmville, Candy Crush, and the rest of the annoying games that most people play on Facebook. In the recent years console game makers have realized that some of their titles actually work with this model in mind. That includes the recently released Ace Combat: Infinity for the Playstation 3.

Ace Combat: Infinity brings a whole new genre( flight combat) of gameplay to the free to play model. The game still has the same ideas that just about every little thing can be payed for with actual money through the PSN store. Its’s just that this time the game is as good as a normal Ace Combat release without being toned down. Infinity has the standard campaign mode which gives players a short glimpse at what this game is all about. Giving the player five mission -which some actually need to be purchased with in-game credits. These missions along with the tutorial will give the player the time needed to get used to the controls of the aircraft, it’s really not something a player should get to excited about. 

I thought this looked better on my phone..sorry

The meat of the game comes in the form of the online co-op missions. Players can join a quick game or find rooms of up to eight players to compete for credits and rankings. The idea behind co-op is placing players into two teams with either bots or live players. The way to win is to destroy more enemies then the other team. This will give the winning team more points and a chance to earn more credits( Credits buy planes). The online is fast and I really had no problems just jumping into a match and staying in that room for the whole time. Most of the players just want the same thing you do- New planes.

The way to unlock new planes is easy; complete online match’s. With aircraft ranging from the Russian Mig to the F-22A Raptor it will not be hard to find your perfect plane. Players can play this entire game with out spending a dime on anything if they want to. Yet if someone wants to spend a little money they could purchase a Campaign Pass, Sorite Fuel, and more. The way players can keep playing is through Sortie Fuel points, each point will be replenished in about three hours. The game has good graphics for a free to play game that actually is some of the best for this type of game. Most of these games usually have a rushed and blocky look to them.

The main menu

Players that are looking to save some money and still play some great games this summer before the new games come out can find some great free to play games for consoles. Games including Killer Instinct, World of Tanks, Spartacus: Legends, DC Universe, Dust 514, Tekken Resurrection, Destiny of Spirits, and No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzle’s Either. Since this game is a digital download only it only takes a little of 3GB to download, it really won’t take up that much space unless you were forced to download parts of Watchdogs and Wolfenstein. The game has all of the annoying buy me tricks that free to play has come to love, though this game really stands on it’s own as a great free game that all gamers need to play. Follow me @davidyerion and check out my first short book Mortician’s Life: Destruction of Andrew Malvious on your Kindle.

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