Friday, June 28, 2013

Dumb Ways to Die - IPhone Review

People in other parts of the world have a strange way of making a safety campaign for their Metro systems. In Melbourne, Australia they made a public service announcement using cute cartoons that all have to die in some sort of fashion. Becoming extremely popular in social media networks it was only a matter of time before someone made a game. At no point should this game be played by children.

The basic idea is to stay alive to get to the next way you could die. The game play is simple enough; flick, blow, rub, and move your phone.  Each mini game is only a few seconds and every single one of them requires them your full attention… or you will die. You get there “gravestones” that are your lives. Lose all three and you can tweet you final death with you score. Unlocking content is easy as you play through the game scoring higher and higher unlocking more content such as character and music videos.

  Tweet your death, compete with friends

Dumb Ways to Die has a very cartoony feel to it, but it is not for kids. Think of a less violent Happy Tree Friends. This game may be fun and look like it’s something from Cartoon Network; it is very adult and should not be played by young children. One last time this is not a game for kids. Now that I have gotten that out of the way this game is worth the asking price….free. This game is available on your mobile Apple devices including Iphone, IPod Touch, and IPad’s.

     I'm not the best at staying alive.

In short it’s best for you to play it and try out this fun and strange game. This game is still being updated on a decent schedule so don’t just play and forget about this fun game. Sometimes the things that you find online will surprise you. I’ll say it one last time; this game is not for kids. It depicts horrible and some stupid ways you could be killed in a silly way (if such a thing exists).

  Tap faster or you catch on fire... Now I have no idea as to why you would catch on fire at a train station.

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