Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pacific Rim Review- Xbox 360 Arcade

This summer has some pretty amazing movies coming out; it’s all but guaranteed that most of these movies will have some game based on them. It doesn’t mean that game will be well developed and great to play. It just means that almost every game based on a movie seems rushed and poorly developed; Pacific Rim the Game fits that description.

Pacific Rim is a fighting game based on the movie of the same title. You have your giant robots called Jaeger’s and giant monsters called Kaiju.  The game plays like any basic fighting game with your strikes, blocks, and power strikes.  With the Jaegers your power is split up between the two pilots controlling the robot, and your Kaiju just has the one power bar. The game plays out like the title Real Steel, yet the characters are slower and harder to control. Pacific Rim the Game is currently only available as a downloadable title for the Xbox 360, with no current plans to be released on any other console at this time.

                                                     Pick your giant thing to fight with.

The game includes a single player and multiplayer mode. The single player mode includes missions that once you complete them you can unlock more parts for your Jaegers and experience points that accumulate to your rank. Now if you stomach the fact you spent ten dollars on this game you can join in on some multiplayer action… well I wouldn’t call it action, it’s more like watching the Family Guy episode with the two elderly men fighting over Chris(slow and awkward). You do pick from three teams to represent while you play online; Gaurdian Corps, Talonfist, and Militia Brotherhood. The world rankings looked like a Japanese plaza after Godzilla stormed through it, barren. With only around seventy people ranked you may have a hard time finding people to play against. I do understand that Godzilla has no part to this game or movie, but why deny a time to use the reference.

Pacific Rim the Game was released quietly on Friday, July 12th on the Xbox 360.Its pretty obvious the developer Yukes made some mistakes while they developed this game. Their resume includes games like the WWE franchise, Real Steel, and UFC fighter before the game was taken over by EA. Not every game made can be a AAA title like Mass Effect or Battlefield. So save your ten dollars and spend that money on a ticket to the movie and just skip this game, though if Yukes updates the game it could help Pacific Rim from becoming a pile of scrap metal.

                                                     Dont be fooled by this video!!!

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