Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sky Gamblers:Cold War IPhone review

Great games need a few things to keep players around. Its takes a compelling story, characters players can relate too, and amazing weapons to destroy the enemy. Sky Gamblers: Cold War has the weapons to make this a great game.With over a dozen war planes at the players disposal; blowing stuff up on the IPhone hasn’t been so much fun before.

When getting to the main menu players will notice the huge amount of modes in this little game ( It’s well over one gigabyte to download). Ten single player modes await the player including,survival, free flight, capture the flag, free for all, and a campaign mode. The campaign has twelve missions to complete to save the world from a nuclear war. As players progress through the game they can unlock new planes from World War II through some of our current generation war planes. The controls can take some time getting used to, the bottom left of the screen is the “joystiq” that controls the plane. Learning how to use each plane can become the most challenging part of the game as each plane maneuvers differently. On the right side of the hud is the controls to fire and speed up or down. It may seem like a player wouldn’t need to use the tutorial; trust me play the tutorial first. It may save a player from having a bad experience with this game.

Players may forget about the rest of the game when they see how much content is in the single player. Don’t forget about multiplayer; yes this game has an excellent multiplayer experience. Playing online is the funnest way to enjoy multiplayer even though there is three more modes. Players can go head to head with other players using the Game Center and their local WiFi making it easy to play against friends. Cold War does include achievements and world wide rankings through the Game Center. Atypical Games has succeeded in making on of the most beautiful games out on the IPhone today. With the ability to free flight and take in the locations makes this game a great mobile flight simulator as well as an amazing war game.

Sky Gamblers: Cold War is the best flight game players can find in the App Store to date. With only a few problems that include small text making it hard to read and know what to do next. The price is a little steep at $4.99 even though I think that is just me complaining. Hopefully fans of any flight series will pick this game up and not stop playing it. As always please check the age of the IPhone before downloading games, some may not work on older phones.

Notice- All photos are in game shots taken with my IPhone 4s.

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