Monday, March 24, 2014

Dark Souls 2 Review

The constant fight to stay alive with every second a struggle to keep from losing all those souls. This is a cursed world were every creature and environment is out to kill you. If you keep the yelling and controller throwing down to a minimum you will find one the best rpg experiences of this year.

Dark Souls 2 has come to the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and with a PC release on April 25th. Dark Souls 2 takes players into the chaotic world of Drangleic an entirely different yet familiar place to players of the first game Dark Souls. Cursed players must fight through lands full of vile creatures and huge bosses. The level of frustration can make a player quit after the first few hours of gameplay. Don’t give up on the game just because you die a few times, that is the point of the game. 

Players can experience a new form of frustration as it is easy to be killed losing everything that they have been working for. Players will defeat creatures and collect souls that can be used as currency to upgrade weapons, upgrade a character, or to purchase items from a variety of different merchants. Some of the nice features included in this version is the added Bon Fires that players will find. No longer will someone play for over an hour sweating and cursing as they hope they can find a spot to spend those ten thousand of souls. The one thing a player needs to remember while playing Dark Souls 2 is not to rush into something with a huge amount of souls, this game has no banking system to store souls safely.

 Some of the best features that people will enjoy is the ability to invade or to be invaded online by other players. Now many things can cause players to do this, certain objects in your inventory and the possible destruction of important characters can cause it to. One word of warning please don’t kill the three old women at the start of the game. I did  this and it wasn’t the best idea, well how about don’t kill any character that doesn’t attack you. Players that need a helping hand can summon other people to help fight some of these insane boss fights. Some times it helps to get as much help as possible in Dark Souls 2.

This could very well be the best game of the year if they didn’t add some features that makes this game unappealing to the larger market. For people that love a challenge will dive right into this game and never look back. My advice is just taking over this whole review, now if your one of those people who went and traded that old console then find a way to get it back. I know I did not explain the story much or some key features, that is because I shouldn't be telling you to play this game when you already should own it.
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