Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Hot Mess that is Flappy Bird - Review - IPhone

Yeah I got sucked into the mess that is Flappy Bird.

Update- 2-9-14 Flappy Bird is no longer available.

So this is a review for this game, I know its not some kind of joke. Yes I took the time to play it and make sure I spent enough time with this game. So last year(2013) this crazy little game came out for mobile devices, at first it was just another game. Then  at one point dubbed as the "Next Angry Birds". I don't agree with that title but that's just me. Yet this game is a fun little hot mess, I'm just waiting for Nintendo to get involved with the look of the "Mario Pipes".

So the game starts out with a little Super Nintendo styled bird that has one huge eye. Players are prompted to tap the screen, and that is how players control the bird. If a player gets the right rhythm they can keep the bird moving between the "Mario" pipes thus getting a higher score. The game is extremely hard as most people don't get over 20 - My highest is still 9 points.

I did a little better, almost got myself a medal once.

The game is so simple and small that all owners of any mobile device should at least try this game once, when I say once I mean for about four hours trying to score 3 points. Flappy Birds is an extremely addictive and fun game that costs nothing to play. So at no point should no one not of downloaded this game, its only 30mb in size.

Since the game is free I found the advertisements to be the worst part of the game. When you think you just got through a pipe opening and realize that the advertisement is causing the game to lag; it makes you want to scream. I did try the game by turning my phone horizontally which gave me a better score but put all the ads in the way. The graphics bring everyone back to a time when it was really just Nintendo as a powerhouse of video games. Right before Sega showed up and tried to steal all the thunder.

So please don't hate this game just try it- its small in file size and free. I feel like playing it for a few times will really help the Indie Vietnam developer  .Gears  on making some more fun games. The games they do make all follow the same retro fast style of game play and small size. So don't listen to people that say don't play this game; give it a try.

I call Bullshit on those scores.. No way
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