Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Wolf Among Us : Episode 1 Xbox 360 Review

Download and enjoy this amazing first episode from Telltale games. Check out my review below.

The fairy tales we grew up with are  story's  of happiness and hope. Snow White gets her Prince Charming and Beauty tames the Beast. The comic series Fables brings a whole new edge to these characters and timeless story's by taking away the hope and happiness and replace it with the harsh realty of our world. The Wolf Among Us is a look inside Fable's for the average person who hasn't seen the comics. 

Well Toad... What is it...
Once upon a time all the Fables lived in their homeland; until The Adversary forced them into exile. The Fables found themselves in our world to live in either Fabletown(an apartment building in New York City) or the Farm. Only those that could afford a glamour spell(turns creatures into a human) can get off the Farm. Gamers find themselves playing as Bigsby Wolf, he's also known as the Big Bad Wolf in the Fable universe. After coming to this land Wolf desired to change the ways in his life and became the Fables sheriff. His job is simply to keep the peace. That includes keeping the Fables from killing each other. In the game Wolf is looking for the murder of a women, a woman named Faith (I'm not a fan of spoiling any more of the game). For some of the Fables an exile hasn't really been that easy for some, causing some to have a life of crime, and other unsavory ways of life. 

Any one missing a Pixel???

The Wolf Among Us has the same control set up as The Walking Dead. Players use the left stick to move the character and the right stick controls the camera. Each decision is  color coded to the buttons on the Xbox controller making it easier for players to control the game. Telltale has found a way to turn an amazing gaming experience into something more with these perfect controls. The change from the Walking Dead to The Wolf Among Us is evident. The colors may give the game a colorful vibrant style, yet the story and tone of the game make it a welcome change from other fairy tale story's. The story of these Fables is not the normal Disney story's that we grew up watching as children.

It's a little more of a fight when your the Big Bad Wolf

The Wolf Among Us is set up just as the other games that Telltale makes. The game will consist of five episode's that will be released throughout the next year. Players can choose to either download each title separately or through a season pass. The price of the pass varies through the games provider. The season pass is fifteen dollars through Xbox Live. The game will also be released along the second season of The Walking Dead that will also be released through 2014.   Most gamers never think to play a point and click adventure game, though The Walking Dead has changed this trend and with thus new title Telltale has another hit on their hands.

Who couldn't love this Toad??

The second episode doesn't have a release date yet but that doesn't mean gamers shouldn't download this title. The game has a few seconds of slow gameplay when the screen has to much going on, other  then that The Wolf Among Us has no real problems or glitches. Even if the game uses fairy tales no child should play this game. It is made for an adult audience and includes crude language,sex, and drug use. Even though I played this on Xbox the game is available on other systems, including Playstation and PC.

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