Sunday, August 18, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2: Its About Time Iphone Review

Here is my review of Plants vs Zombies 2 : It's About Time

So with fall fast approaching how great is it that gamers get another game with Zombies in it. How many versions of Plants hate Zombies can someone really play, sadly that is a real game in the App Store. This week PopCap Games finally released Plants vs Zombies 2: Its about time for the IPhone; yes the title does reflect how fans of the series feel with waiting for a new game. Given that this game is now free to play, many gamers were worried it would be well below the gameplay of the first game.  With the addition of new time traveling, plants, zombies, and levels this game does not disappoint.

Yes... A taco map.

PvZ2 starts out after the first game with your neighbor Crazy Dave finishing his taco with the hot sauce you just unlocked for him. This leads to the player learning that Dave has made a talking time machine named Penny to take him back to right before he ate his taco. I mean who wouldn’t want to go back and re eat the same taco over and over again, Hence the name Crazy Dave. Now instead of going back a few moments players are send back to Ancient Egypt. Its an over shot of a few thousand years, but given the fact that their are zombies around what else can a player do but fight his way through time. 

Destroy the zombie's with different plants.

PopCap has always taken care with the design of the game, making it an addictive defense game but adding some enjoyable characters along with great backgrounds in the mix. In what other game can a player defeat a Yeti zombie to unlock more rewards, or lose hours trying to collect stars by completing challenges that include not placing your plants on Crazy Dave’s mold collection, and not losing one plant. The gameplay has not changed, and that is the best thing for the game. The game is set up so that the player is defending his or her home on the left of the screen from the zombies coming through the right side of the screen. As players progress through the game the levels become harder and longer with more and more zombies filling up the right side of the screen. If a zombie does make it through to the other side of the board the “Lawn Mower” is still around for one use to stop them. But after that the players need to make sure the plants they use will keep the zombies at bay. Included is the use of “Plant Food” and power ups, all can be purchased with gold coins that can be unlocked.

Being free to play gives games a stigma about them that they are under developed and just around to make more money for the developer or publisher with the player suffering. At no point during my time playing did I feel like PopCap cheapened this game. In Plants vs. Zombies 2 players can spend real money on anything from gold coins , new plants, and upgrades that effect the amount of sun or how many plants you can use. If a player does feel like spending money unlocking everything with money expect to be spending well over thirty dollars for this game. The game is developed to be played for free though, so if a player is impatient then go right ahead and spend the money on the unlocks. I don’t see the point to spending money on a game like this when its made to be played for a long period of time.

With no real problems except that my fingers are to big to use some of the power ups and the lack of a great menu screen like the first game. This is truly one of the best experiences a player will have on their IPhone. Plants vs. Zombies 2: Its About Time finally gives players something more from PopCap. Hopefully with future dlc PopCap could rival the likes of Angry Birds and other amazing IPhone games. With all games that come from the App Store make sure that the IPhone or IPad your using will be able to play this game, the older it is the less likely a game will work.

Notice- All photos are in game taken from my Iphone 4s

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