Saturday, August 2, 2014

World of Tanks:Blitz - Mobile Month Review

The first review for the Mobile Month belongs to one of the best “Free to Play” games around. With millions of players worldwide it was not such a stretch that this game would make it to the mobile platforms. If any gamer is waiting to have a great multi player experience then they need to download World of Tanks: Blitz.

Let’s just get straight to which version players should be downloading. While it is nice to have your tank in your pocket on the iPhone, it really is just to small of a screen to enjoy the game. A player can get adjusted to the controls and how the menu works this way. Now when Apple releases a phone the size of Samsung's the game will play great on your phone, until then it just doesn't work. If you have an iPad or iPad Mini play this game on those devices instead.  If a player wants to spend real money on this game I would not recommend it. The enjoyment of this game comes from playing hundreds of matches and leveling up your tanks. I mean it would be easier to just buy the tank and all the upgrades you could want. It really just cheapens the game to me.

Players will find a sleek menu system complimented with excellent touch screen controls. The menu shows off how great this game is on the mobile devices. the navigation is a breeze and it doesn't make for a frustrating time trying to get back to the main garage. Blitz really shines with it's controls, using the bottom left as the analogue stick. The fire button is big enough that it does not get in the way of the action at all. The care in developing this game is really shown when the player can easily move the tank around with no problems.

The game has changed from the other two versions ( PC, Xbox 360). Players will notice that now it's 7 vs 7 making for a faster paced game and artillery is not apart of Blitz. "Drawing inspiration from the PC version, World of Tanks Blitz is built specifically for optimal online mobile gameplay and is currently available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With an impressive roster of over 90 massive tanks, stunning graphics, and intuitive touch-screen controls, World of Tanks Blitz makes it easy to jump into short, action-packed 7vs7 tank battles no matter where you are!" That description taken from the iTunes store does not lie. 

World of Tanks: Blitz was released last month for most of the Apple products. Older phones and tablets will not play this game. Currently the release date for the Android version is still TBA 2014, so hopefully by the Holiday season the game will be release for everyone else to play. 

My review is going to be short and sweet. Play the game and fall in love with one of the best mobile games that you will ever play. It really is just that simple.

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