Thursday, September 12, 2013

Madden 25 IPhone Review

Read my review of the latest Iphone Madden..... Hint... It sucks.

Every year gamers are greeted with a new version of Madden; this year is a little different. The main consoles and mobile systems always have a version of Madden built for them. Well this year with Madden 25 the only mobile version is for the Iphone. Players can still find the game on the Xbox 360 or Ps3, its just not on any of the handheld devices.

First winning season for the Raiders in a while.

Madden 25 is basically a copy of the last years Facebook version. What this means is that the game is free to play(unless purchasing coins) and is for the most part a collectable card game. The cards are players with different score’s attached to them. Getting better player cards will make your Ultimate team just that much better when its time to actually play the game. To unlock cards players can either buy packs with gold coins or play in the challenge mode and unlock certain players. This part of the game is a poor idea for a mobile Madden. 

Jumping into the actual game play of Madden 25 a player can either play a practice game, challenge mode, or head to head. The practice mode is really the exhibition game that is seen in other versions of Madden. Players can pick their favorite teams and play against the computer.  Challenge mode tests the players ability to control certain situations from past NFL seasons, the rewards can either be more coins or better football players. Now the head to head mode is played using a turn based strategy(see how this game is going downhill). Each player’s set of downs is considered a turn. So say the gamer went and turned over the ball, now it’s time to wait for the opponent to see they have a move.  Waiting for the other player to play a game is chore in it self. If you don’t have patience or a Facebook account skip this part of the game. Their is an option to find random players if no Facebook friends can be found. 

                  Pick a number, touch the number... Easy.

The touchscreen control of the football is the best part of the game. Controlling a gamers running back by holding a finger on the screen is so easy; no joystick and buttons to fumble with. To pass touch the screen and the touch the number of the player the ball will go to. On defense swiping a finger in a different direction can create a different move to happen. See how easy and fun this game would be if it was a port of Madden from the Xbox or built like that for the Iphone. Its simple and just a better game then messing around with a controller. 

                                No controller needed.

When I first started playing this game it took me three times of installing and reinstalling to get the game to stop freezing. Since then EA has issued an update to fix some bugs but given the horrible experience I removed it from my phone. Madden is usually a great experience and full great gameplay. Sadly the free to play model is starting to take over many great games. So skip this version and play it on the consoles or pay the five dollars for last years real Madden game. Also I only played this for the Iphone; it is available for the Ipad as well. Usually I end my Iphone reviews with the thing about checking your phones version but just skip this game. Play some fantasy football with your friends. Maybe you will be lucky enough to have someone bench Payton Manning after a 46 point game. Yeah those things do tend to happen in life.

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