Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baseball Slam- Iphone Review

It’s the start of baseball season and with that comes the new crop of games….No wait it’s July and we are entering the second half of the season. Well Zynga doesn’t really go by the rules of releasing games like everyone else. They seem to make their own rules. This month we were given the release of Baseball Slam; an arcade style home run derby. It won’t compete with the MLB or 2k series; it is one of the best mobile sports games you will play to date.

As players start they can pick between a male ball player (Hank) or a female ball player (Ruth). Progressing through the game means you have to beat challenges to earn coins and to unlock new venues to play in. Right now the venues include rooftop, carrier, and wild west. Each venue has two more levels of difficulty to unlock. To unlock them you need to get the required stars from completing challenges. The main currency in the game is gold coins. These coins are used to unlock new bats, venues, and player skins. The zebra skin may cost five hundred gold, but your player gets a cool new tattoo on his or her arms. If players want they could take the easy way and just spend money and buy your gold coins… though it makes the game less entertaining.

The controls are so easy and simple, that may make players miss a few pitches due to their simplistic nature. Players tap the screen to get the pitcher a signal to throw the ball. Pressing your finger on the screen and pushing it in the direction of what you want to hit is how the ball Is hit. It seems so easy… but don’t let that deceive you. If players don’t pay attention they will burn through their pitches ending the round. Playing through each challenge gives you new power ups to use that boost your score, the bats that you unlock also have power ups included with them that can work with the power ups your using.

The best part of this game is the multiplayer. It mixes the With Friends series of games and Angry Birds Friends. Competing against friends through Facebook can make the game better in so many ways, though it can be a pain.. Then they have to wait and hope that the other person is going to play. The only way to play this game is to be connected to the internet using either Wi-Fi or cellular data plans. When players set up a game they try to get as many points as possible to compete with their friends. That really is the only downfall of this game. Baseball Slam is the kind of game that would be great to play offline.

Baseball Slam is a great addition to the growing library of Zygna games that connect people together through Facebook. It looks great and plays even better. So with the baseball season going to the second half it’s worth it to download this fun and addictive game. Even if it did cost a few dollars any sports game fan should download it. When you go to download don’t forget to make sure your device is able to play this game, some of the older Iphone will not play newer games.

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