Sunday, May 26, 2013

Star Trek Review- Xbox 360

Soaring in the vastness of space is a dream so many people share, Star Trek is not apart of that dream. With so many years in development you would really think that this game would finally break the chain of just bad movie games. The sad thing is this game was going to be a stand alone with no movie to tie into it.The developer was given an extra year to release it with the new Star Trek movie. Im still wondering what that year was used in this game.

I just couldn't waste any more time with  my xbox

The story has our crew intercepting a distress call from a Vulcan space station; picking Spock or Kirk to board the station. You discover that the Vulcans have been harvesting power to get their Helios device operational. This device would help the terraforming of the new home world for the Vulcans. But the station caused a rip in space, emerging from the rip were a  lizard like species called the Gorn. Your mission is to save the galaxy from a power hungry race of aliens who you know nothing about, and trying not to break your console in the process. If you’ve seen any Star Trek show or movie you will feel a little disappointed with the lack of depth and impact this story has on the Star Trek universe.

This game is one hundred percent co-op, playing alone is not the best way to play Star Trek. During my time playing solo I found that the computer is not the ideal partner to play this title. Many times I would find myself waiting for Spock to meet me at a check point, or just hoping he would finish unlocking some door before I feel asleep. Joining an online co-op game( its the only form of multiplayer) is were I found some enjoyment from this game.Having a living person control the other half really makes a difference. If you can get past the poorly rendered looking Gorn, annoying controls, glitches, and sad story you really might have fun playing with someone else.

In all just rent the game from Gamefly and invite your friend over to play it to add to your trophies or achievement lists. Don’t get excited and buy it because it says Star Trek on the cover, it will make you second guess watching the Newest movie. So if your a die hard fan or just willing to waste some of your life play it. But for the rest of the people that may want to play it, go find something else to enjoy.

Yeah..... way better game.... play this instead.

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