Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Borderlands 2: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day Review

My review of the third Head Hunter Pack.

Children still talk about the time the Vault Hunters saved Christmas. We'll wait I completely mixed that one up. It was Mercenary day and it wasn't a Vault Hunter, this is the story of How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day. We'll given the hours I have spent in the game I feel like I shouldn't lie, Marcus does nothing to save anyone. Now Gear Box has released the Third Head Hunter pack right before Christmas- giving us the perfect villain Mister Snowflake.

Players need to locate the Marcus Mercenary Shop on the map, from that point players will start to notice the Mercenary decorations. Marcus informs you that the town of Gingertown hasn't gotten ahold of him for the next shipment of guns and on Mercenary Day of all things. In Pandora all things related to Mercenaries are given freely to all with cheerful signing for all to hear. Now without really ruining any of the missions I will just skip to the boss. Mister Snowflake is basically a thrasher in a giant snowman costume. He throws candy cane spears,snowballs,has a fierce frost breath, and can go underground knocking players in the air. The last move is really the worst one due to the cliff right behind you. The best way to beat him is fire weapons and never stop moving. By constantly moving and always firing on Snowflake it won't take long to finish him off; knock his hat off to end it. His cronies will attack you from behind so watch out for them as they are a pain, I want to say what they are but people need to enjoy the surprises in this game. When the player does defeat Mister Snowflake expect a brand new skin to wear just as players received in the last two packs.

I really like the different touches throughout the game including the model train set, Christmas boss music, and of course the singing Psycho. Walking into and playing around Gingertown is still just too short. It was a great thing to play right before Christmas, I think these packs are a great way for gamers to celebrate the holidays( if they were just a little longer). The pack is out for PS3,Xbox 360, and PC with a price tag of $2.99. Just like I said in the first two reviews do not waste your time if your not a fan of Borderlands. It's extremely short and contains no Trophies/Achievements for players to unlock. But for all the fans of Borderlands download this small dlc and celebrate the holidays with your favorite crazy planet; Pandora.

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