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Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360 Review

The review of Call of Duty: Ghosts

The month of November is usually the time everyone shows how thankful they are for certain things in their life's. It's also the month that Call of Duty comes out every year. The release has become a holiday with gamers dressing up for the midnight release party's. With a release every other year Infinity Ward brings a Call of Duty like every other game they have made. It may be time to take a break from Call of Duty each year on the Xbox 360.

The single player is solid in Ghosts, it just feels like we have seen it before. Oh wait I have played this before, it's called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The controls and graphics look the same as the lasts few games. Some times a developer can boast the changes they make in a game. The only thing that is changed that Activision can boast about is the story. Set in a alternate universe were the Middle East is a nuclear wasteland, the South American oil producing countries create The Federation. The Federation takes over South America with USA as it's focus. The game starts as the players father just explained how the military group known as "Ghosts" has been formed. The player and his family are returning home when they think an earthquake may be hitting the area. The truth is The Federation has hijacked our satellite "Odin" that uses kinetic missiles to destroy a designated area without the fallout or EMP blast. I know people want to know the whole story without playing the game; I'm not saying any more.I really get disappointed when people jut spoil the whole story and never let the gamer experience it for themselves. The story is so much better then most of the Call of Duty games, it does set it up for a sequel though. The story gives this game it's only original feel, playing Ghosts feels like you've done it before over and over again.

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Ghosts is a graphical clone of its predecessor Modern Warfare 3. It seems that what we really have here is the same looking Call of Duty that everyone has already played. Now it's hard to really say if this game is beautiful since the release of the Xbox One and PS4 are so close, unless you compare it to Battlefield 4 on the current consoles. Battlefield's beauty makes Ghost look bland in comparison. Riley is something that has been added to games before with some failures. Playing Fable I choose to save my dog over the people and money because of how great it felt to have a dog in the game. When done right like Ghosts dogs can be a great addition to a game. Controlling Riley during missions is a breeze; just don't get caught in the open or the dog will get injured. A perk in the multiplayer includes a version of this dog, a personal guard dog.

Call of Duty can sell every year on just the multiplayer alone. The formula never changes from the addictiveness of Modern Warfare. Parts have been added and removed, though the core gameplay has stayed the same. It's hard to say that this game is different like Battlefield; but it is a clone. In multiplayer you can now select from ten squad members that each can be prestige to the highest level. Squad members can be used through most of multiplayer except the new Extinction mode. A new Call of Duty means a new form of currency to upgrade weapons and unlock squad members. Squad points is that new form of cash. It would be a nice feature to keep the same currency for each developer or each game. Cranked is a new play mode for Call of Duty: Ghost. Each player has thirty seconds to get a kill or the perish, if they continue to get kill streaks they will receive a random boost making that player harder to stop. It's fast paced and it's almost as fun as kill confirmed( my personal favorite). Extinction is basically Treyarch's zombie mode with aliens. Your squad is sent out with a drill that can destroy alien hives. As the drill is destroying the hives it's up to the players to protect it and fight off waves of alien creatures. The idea of having aliens is great, it's just after a while the pace really slows down and it just gets repetitive and boring. With some help this could be a great addition to Call of Duty. Extinction is a four player mode and it's not unlocked until a player has played the game for a least an hour. Either multiplayer or single player will do.

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Every year gamers get a newish Call of Duty even if they don't want it. We'll I think it's time to adopt EA's every other year formula. Playing Battlefield 3 for two years is more satisfying then buying the same Call of Duty every year. Here's a thought about a different way to take the series. Use a different timeline of events for the past that doesn't just involve very gun available used the same way every year. I wouldn't mind the idea of playing a Spartan themed game. Aside from having to sit down and play the same game with a great story- Call of Duty usually has the best single player story. Call of Duty: Ghosts is a an expensive clone of a game that came out two years ago. It had to happen some day that the title of the best war title between EA and Activision is simply Battlefield 4. Ghost is a fun game that lacks originality and some destruction in the multiplayer realm. Remember that if you pick up either Call of Duty or Battlefield for the current generation of consoles each game comes with a voucher. The voucher makes the Xbox one and Ps4 copies only $9.99 to download until march. So pick the game that will best suit you as a player, renting them or playing a demo can help with that choice. Expect my mini review of the missing feature Clan Wars that will be available on November 25th.

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