Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Walking Dead Episode 4 and 5 Review - Season 2 Review

The world we live in can be an unforgiving place. Most people are just looking for a way to make it to the next paycheck or the next day. Our world is very much like that in the universe of The Walking Dead; except we don’t have zombies. The Walking Dead Season 2 has been a roller coaster of emotions and the actions taken by the player really were taken up a notch from the first season of the game. If one episode has to set up the brutal ending then the 4th episode “Amid the Ruins” does it perfectly.


As the group is leaving Carvers sanctuary in a sea of walkers Clementine is faced with her first real action of the episode. Should she save Sarita by chopping off the infected hand or just let the walkers have her? The choice sets the tone with any future actions with Kenny and the group as he slowly falls into a seemingly dark depression. The group really does show some resilience when it comes to finding each other, going as far as finding new shelter and bottled water. Amid the Ruins was the one episode that really made a point to show Clementine had gone into a new mind set. No longer would Clementine be that helpless child any more, those days are long gone. Every step forward in this series has been at least two steps back for this group. Things do not get better in episode 5 “No Going Back”.

I think we all miss Lee

Rebecca is now gone. Who will take care of the baby? Is Arvo someone to trust? All of these questions will be answered in this final episode. Her baby( little AJ) is now apart of the group and it is up to everyone to protect it and care for him. This new added strain on the group as well as Kenny’s decline into some kind of monster sets the tone for a not so happy ending with Jane. As most players of the series know this is the end for most characters. Luke’s death was not what I was expecting and I really didn’t think it justified his character. The betrayal of Mike and Bonnie was something you could expect from those two as their interactions in the group became less and less pleasant. Depending on what a player picked in the final 15-20 minutes of the game players could expect some serious changes. In my play through I kept Kenny alive; I couldn’t kill Lee’s friend. Also I kept Clementine outside Wellington, giving Kenny a chance to raise the baby even if it was outside the safety of those high walls. The final episode does a great job at ending the season.

Is Kenny really crazy?

This is a game that doesn’t really need a review. I honestly think everyone who can should play this series. Playing through the last two episodes in one day was something that can drain a person, I do not suggest doing so. With out Lee in this season I was completely ready to just give up on the game. I mean he was the heart and soul of the first season. When you play through the first episode the game really makes a statement that Clementine is not going to be some helpless little girl that needs to be dragged around. 

Between the horrible choices and fantastic gameplay The Walking Dead as a series will continue to stay in the back of players minds for years down the road. My only complaint was the slow loading times. Other then that it was a perfect game and I highly recommend it to everyone. The Walking Dead is available on iOS, Vita, PS3, and Xbox 360 consoles. Follow me @davidyerion and on Instagram for more gaming goodness.

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