Friday, February 14, 2014

Borderlands 2 Head Hunter Pack - Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre Review


My review of the most recent Head Hunters pack!

Everyone's favorite holiday has finally come to pass- Valentines Day. I doubt most gamers really care about this holiday yet Gearbox has given them a reason to at least notice it . With Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre gamers can help bring together two fighting family's through love or EXPLOSIONS.

 The fourth pack brings us to the area known as the Rotgut Distillery, land split between the Hodunk and Zaford clans. Moxxi has this idea that if the get these two clans together that Pandora will be a better place for everyone, Ellie just feels like the player should blow them all up. That is the main mission of the dlc pack, this pack just feels like it's extra mission cut from the game. The second mission involves the newly built innuendo bot trying to get Moxxi to love him. Again this whole pack just feels like some cut missions. But one little part of this pack is the fishing, players will find fish during this pack. Place a fish on a hook and go fishing for thrashers. Five thrashers will give the player the ability to open a locked loot chest.

Fishing for thrashers!!

If you did download this pack then you will come to find that it's shorter then any of the others and the finally bosses are just the couple your trying to get married. The best way to defeats these two badasses is to get one down as fast as possible with either fire or acid weapons, when the second is distracted by trying to revive the other- destroy that seconded one. The loot that you will receive is minimal at best, download the Loot the World app( Need help click here) and scan all the loot you want for free.      

The Head Hunters dlc   is coming to a close with one more pack (Sir Hammerlock Versus the Son of Crawmerax) coming out. With the date of the next pack (April 15th) being released so early one can hope that the last pack may be a little longer and with some more detail.  I usually say that if your a fan of the game download the dlc. I can't say that with this pack, please don't download this pack.

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