Sunday, July 21, 2013

PeaceKeeper- IPhone Review

How much peace do you have laying around? It must be enough for others to attack and try to steal it. So your a little confused now reading this review, its ok i was a little lost when i first started playing this title. Well its all about how your protect the peace. This is The Peacekeeper, a free to play game on the IPhone.

In this defense shooter players are the last guardian of peace. Everyone wants the peace for themselves and they will stop at nothing to get the peace.The main objective is to fight against waves of well armed soldiers who all have different weapons.Their are twenty seven side missions that will give you huge amounts of coins for completing them. Some soldiers may throw axes, only shoot straight, scatter shot, or launch missiles at the player.Every ten or so waves their is a boss fight, the only difference is the waves of soldiers keep coming as the player is trying to stop the boss.

Just like Baseball Slam the controls are very simple. Touching the top of the screen moves you up while touching the bottom moves you down ( super complicated). Holding a finger on the screen fires the weapon and releasing it causes the player to duck. The Peacekeeper is free to play ( I can't afford to buy every game) unless a player needs to buy gold coins. Collecting coins in the game is easy; finish a wave and shoot everyone. I don't see why anyone would spend money on this game. The only thing for the coins to be spent on is upgrades:The Peacekeeper has a ton of upgrades that you can spend your hard earned coins on.

The story isn't really a big part of the game. Their is some funny interactions during the cut scenes between waves. Those alone make you want to keep playing this game. The Peacekeeper's simple nature make this game fun and addictive that any IPhone owner should download. As always check the age of your phone and if this game is able to play on it. 
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