Thursday, October 31, 2013

T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest-PS3 Review

It's just in time for Halloween... so check out the review of this short dlc.

Returning to Borderlands 2 is always a great experience for me. When the last dlc came out many gamers(including me) thought that the fun would be over. It looks like the fun isn’t going to be over any time soon. With the release of the first HeadHunters- T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest dlc gamers can go back to a new area even if its only for an hour or two.

Your old friend Zombie T.K. Baha

Recently released and in time for Halloween Bloody Harvest drops players into the new area of Haunted Hallow. Its basically a retirement area for all of the games dead characters. Yet players really only meet one dead character; Zombie T.K. Baha. At the request of T.K. Baha players are sent out to destroy the Pumpkin Kingpin, he’s been terrorizing the dead residents of Haunted Hallow. Players have to defeat three skeletons that will make a key to unlock the gate to the Pumpkin Kingpins lair. When players reach the lair they are then notified that they need to flood the field and cause the Pumpkin Kingpin to rise from his field. After defeating the Pumpkin Kingpin players are asked to go collect candy in a quest called “ Trick or Treat”.

The are of Haunted Hallow

Bloody Harvest is just two missions that will take an hour to complete depending on the level of difficulty the player picks. With the addition of new weapons, skins, and candy players can enjoy a few new things. The problem is this is just too short to charge to much for it, it should be included in the season pass dlc. Yet the hour is one of the best hours of my playing Borderlands 2, I just wish it would of been longer. So please email,Twitter, and use any kind of social media to tell Gear Box that this is just to short for any kind of money. The next HeadHunter dlc is scheduled for November and the name is the “Wattle Gobble”. 

Defeat the Pumpkin Kingpin

MMMM Candy


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