Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Borderlands2:The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler -Ps3 Review

Click below for the review of the second in the Head Hunter dlc.

Turkey, football, and family is are a few of the things one can enjoy on Thanksgiving. Gear Box has given gamers one more reason to enjoy the holidays. The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler is the second in the series of Head Hunter dlc, it also will be shorted to the Gobbler throughout this review(that title is just to much). Just like the first dlc this is just under an hour to complete and contains no achievements/trophies to unlock. The content opens in the wonderful area known as  Gluttony Gulch on the players map.

Enjoy some Shift codes for the Ps3
Torgue has become the host of an Echo show entitled The Hunger of Violence Extravaganza that features the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler as an unbeatable giant turkey.Welcome to Borderlands version of the Hunger Games. The Hunger of Violence Extravaganza includes tributes, elevators for each player, and a giant turkey creature that wants to eat you called . The first quest has the player poisoning the Gobbler to make it vulnerable to be killed. The whole reason the Gobbler is to be killed is all because of Torgue .He is unhappy with how his corporation has been cheating competitors by not letting the Gobbler die...also he just wants to eat the giant turkey creature. To get the Gobbler on the players level it's food will have to include a poison making it weak. Once the kitchen staff is dealt with and the food is poisoned-players will be asked to kill the chef, and a few takes on some famous cooks. Players are sent to ride an elevator to take part in the Hunger of Violence. From that point it's very easy to beat the Gobbler with any weapon that has fire damage attached. The real problem is how fast  this dlc is... We'll I take that back. When the quest is completed and the player receives the trophy that is the Gobblers head, an invitation is given to meet Torgue's grandma.  All I can say is sit and just enjoy the last two quest's with G-ma Torgue.

The Gobblers head is yours.. if you dare
At no point will I try to drag out this review and make it pages upon pages. The Gobbler dlc is fast and furious and it's really just for the fans of Borderlands 2. At no point should any gamer who wants to add more achievements because it has none, I've said that already. The Gobbler is set at a price of $2.99 and it can be found in all of the online stores for current consoles(PS3,Xbox 360) as well as the PC market place Steam. I played this with my level 50 gunzerker on my PS3 console. To achieve the best gameplay keep the characters level around 35 and it may last a little longer then an hour. I do hope that the holiday trend continues and that we are blessed with some Christmas content. It would be a shame it if that holiday was not apart of this dlc series. 

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