Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Wolf Among Us - Episode 2 - Smoke and Mirrors - Xbox 360 Review

My review of the second episode Smoke & Mirrors.

Arriving last week on consoles and mobile devices is the second episode of The Wolf Among Us- Smoke & Mirrors. The Wolf Among Us is the most recent game developed by the wonderful studio Telltale Games. Telltale is making some of the most amazing stories that people can experience.

As I write this review I almost forget to mention a few things first. This game is not the same fairy tales that we all grew up with, this is a playable version of the Fables graphic novel. The books are a must read if you enjoy this game. The last part is I'm going to spoil most of the game in this review with one sentence. So if you have yet to play this game please stop reading.

Bigby has been through enough in the last few days, only to find Snow Whites severed head on his apartment doorstep. From this point players will be following the trail looking for this deranged serial killer. The only problem is that severed head is really a prostitute named Lily that has been glamoured to look like Snow. The confusion begins in the star of the game when Snow White shows up not knowing why the player or Bluebeard is savagely beating Dee. Some of the new characters we meet include Bluebeard, Georgie Porgie, and the Little Mermaid. I can't ruin the last moment when they discover who the murderer is, it really is a huge surprise worth playing through to the end.

Smoke & Mirrors brings a whole new level of crazy with its constant twists and turns. Players will enjoy the new character and location entires in their Book of Fables. If you need to have all the trophies/achievements then replay the interrogation either nice or mean, that's all I can say about that. The episode is available on Playstation, Xbox, and mobile devices as a single purchase or from the season pass. Telltale has a way of making the best games out of stories you wouldn't expect to work . So Expect rest of the year to be all about how they make turn popular properties into great games with the first season of Tales from Borderlands, Game of Thrones, and more episodes from The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us. 

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