Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thor : The Dark World IPad Review

My review of a great IPad game...it's free so you have no reason not to try it.

Jumping from the comic pages to the big screen, Marvels Thor has become a household name around the world. Most transitions from comics to games haven't been so kind as the movie counterparts have been in recent years. Case in point the last Thor game(don't play it) and Many more. It seems that the company Gameloft has had some luck in making a fun and enjoyable comic book game for the, even with a simple control set up and menus .If a player can ignore the frustration that Thor: The Dark World is a game that is set up to cost more then most Xbox One games, then they will find something truly great.

Playing a freemium game doesn't always yield such fun and replay value. They are usually set up to make the easy cash and then forgotten. The Dark World is set up very much like a traditional RPGs; without all the hassle of collections potions for free.The problems that players will find with the game depends on a few things.1. Collecting potions, doesn't happen often 2. Paying real money for other versions of hammers that you never use 3. How extremely easy it is to do nothing and still make it to the next level. By Leaving Thor at the beginning of the level and summoning his Einherjar (soldiers) is one sad way to beat the game. I did reach a point of almost deleting the game- I stopped cheating and continued to play as the game was ment to be. When players actually use Thor it's easy to lose him in the battle. Keeping him back and throwing his hammer is a better strategy, by playing levels over and over players can get a better grasp of how to keep Thor alive.

Playing the first few levels of Thor is a great tutorial that really explains the basics of gameplay in The Dark World. These basics include the touch screen controls,skills,fighting controls, allies, and fighters. The game really opens up after the first few levels in the world of -----------. The levels differ from either surviving for two minutes while protecting your base to following the path that leads to the enemies base and destroying it. Every map excluding boss battles has a base that you either protect or need to destroy. The base is we're your enemies and soldiers will spawn. The game includes the Arena- completing waves of enemies to climb an online leader board. Players with a high score at the end of each "season" will get a special prize.The way Gameloft has set up Thor game makes It one of the best experiences on the IPad that I have ever played. Maybe as more movies are released Gameloft could add more content to this game. I almost forgot to mention the story- you are Thor and it's time to stop the Dark Elves from destroying the universe. It ties into the movie yet the story of the game isn't that great, so don't worry to much about it.

The idea of making a superhero game that is fun and controls great has always been a challenge. So many gamers remember the horror of Superman 64 that it's just so hard to shake off that stigma. Thor: The Dark World is one of the few games that is the taking steps to making the games as much fun to play as the movies are to watch. The Dark World is available on the IPhone but due to the size of the screen I wouldn't advise playing it. Always remember to check that the game will work with your IPad or IPhone before downloading, no point in wasting time spent playing something else.

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