Monday, March 3, 2014

Thief Review - Xbox 360 & PS3

Hiding in the darkness gives you that perfect opportunity to take the riches required. Now how does one get into that building with the gold crown. Take the roof tops, hide in the shadows on the street , or just run into all the guards alerting them to your presence? -These are a few ways a player can complete a job in the recently released Thief. Not that I’m saying a player should do any of that right now.

After ten years of waiting players can finally get their hands on a new Thief game. The setting of Thief is the fictional town of The City set in an medieval steam punk era. Players familiar with the series will enjoy the fact that they get to play as the greatest thief around, Garrett. Garrett is on a mission to discover how he lost a year of his life and why The City is full of so many sick and dying from “Gloom”. The action of Thief is mostly a stealth based style even given the chance players can attack guards if they wish to. Going out in the light makes this game extremely complicated and can cause you to lose a mission if spotted. The game has some wonderful tools that will help Garrett along the way, making it fun and challenging to collect the loot.

The environment in the game is perfectly set for a great stealth game full of action and storytelling ( if you don’t mind a sub-par story). Yet this game seems to be lacking content and it seems that this game was made as an attempt to sell a high priced game case. Once you buy this game and play through it enough it the game will just sit on a shelf collecting dust or the game will be sitting in the used section at Gamestop. So do yourself a favor and wait until March 11th and save your money for an amazing game- Dark Souls 2. 

I was so excited to get a chance to play this title that at first I wasn’t going to write a review due to the fact it was going to be negative towards this game. Yet as I played it I realized one thing ; this is a great game that just needs a little dlc and some time for the price to go down. Thats right due not go out and buy this game at the $60 price tag. Wait until the game goes on sale for less and then pick it up, at least by then Eidos Montreal and Square Enix will have added some kind of new content for this game.
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