Sunday, December 22, 2013

Borderlands2: Loot the World App Review

My first Non game review.. Even if it is an app for a game.. Enjoy

Gearbox has been able to get players excited about codes for weapons and other items since Borderlands 2 came out. With the use of Twitter and Facebook players can always be sure to find Golden Keys that can be redeemed using their Shift accounts. The painful part is some of these codes do expire and having to go into the game menus to redeem them are sometimes a pain when a player just doesn’t have the time- Enter Loot the World. 

The idea of Loot the World is that an app on any phone or tablet that can “shoot” any QR or bar code and turn it into new gear for Borderlands 2. The app works almost to perfection at all times. When I say almost I’m talking about  the 1% of the time the phone couldn’t find my hosted account due to a poor connection. So if your in a rush maybe you have a poor connection it may take one or more times when your trying to send the gear to the game. The app does always needs  Wi-Fi or cellular data on to scan a code and send them, just trying to use it with no connection will give you an error screen. Now taking the picture or shooting a code works two ways- Online photos of bar codes and the real deal at a store of something you may find in your home. The process is so simple, even a Claptrap could do it. 

The shoot screen

Once you open the app a treasure chest and four different menus; News, Inventory, Shoot, and Settings at the bottom of the screen. The main screen is a locked treasure chest that can be opened when the button “shoot” is pressed. The only two menus that really will be used are the Shoot and Inventory tabs. Lining up the code takes only seconds and then BAM, you have some new gear in your inventory. Unlike redeeming Golden Keys were they use a code that can be typed in, Loot the World uses stamps. These stamps are the currency required to send a piece of gear to Borderlands 2. Not only will scanned codes give out gear but they will also give out new stamps that can be redeemed. This is a great app that does everything it promises and it costs nothing to use, so whats really the downside?

The "Loot"

Now just because you may have a level 70 character doesn’t mean that the every weapon will be set to that level. Everything scanned is given a random level. I know it does suck since the thing to do with those low level items is to sell them of for money. The one other thing that I see as a problem is that Borderlands 2 is a older title that isn’t played by a huge group of people. So it may just sit in the App store unused for who knows how long. I myself still play and I constantly post content trying to remind people that this game is still around. Now if this app would have been released after the game, I mean right after the game I feel like more people will use it.

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Given that this is the first time I have reviewed a app that isn’t actually a game I hope I have covered everything about Loot the World so that people try it. Loot the World is really for the hardcore Borderland fans that still download and play all of the new content that is being released by Gear Box. The app is available on Androids and Apple products, I used my Iphone 4S for this review. So before you download this make sure that the camera on your phone or tablet works and that the age of the product will work with Loot the World. Personally I would like to thank Gearbox for continuing to make great content for an amazing game given its not a recent title.

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