Sunday, April 7, 2013

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct for Xbox 360, Ps3,Wii U , and Pc

The Walking Dead started as a comic book and worked its way into all parts of our culture. With so many fans and so many ways to paste the name Walking Dead on products we have been given the game based on the show. This is not to be confused with the wonderful point and click adventure Walking Dead game based on the comic. This game is called The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, and you really need some kind of instinct in patience to finish this game.

During this game you will play as the character Daryl as known from the show with his bow and attitude. The game is set before the show so you get to see how the character of Daryl is shaped before he meets his group of survivors. Your goal is to find your brother in Atlanta and along the way you meet other survivors and keep an eye out for ammo, food, and fuel. Most of the time you have to dismiss some people you meet due to a small car or they may have been bitten and you just can’t risk bringing them. 

The game was built with the idea that the walkers would follow your sent and track you down, now the idea is great but it hardly happens. What happens more often is walking into an empty room turning around to leave your attacked by three or four walkers that have no way of entering. As you run you start to get exhausted and eventually sweat starts to pour down from the top of the screen making it a pain to continue on due to the weird looking drops of water. The graphics look more like an older Xbox game at times then a Xbox 360 title, and the walkers are laughable in the way they were designed( I know it takes a lot of time and hard work, but I don't see that here). Using any weapon is just like playing Call of Duty; so no real challenge with that.

Being a fan of the show and comic this is just another rushed CSI like game that the TV studios needed out there. This game is truly not worth the cheap $49.99 price tag and if you really feel the need to play it to experience the story check out renting it from your local Redbox for less then $3.00.

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