Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

Wolfenstein, The New Order is the latest offering in the Wolfenstein series and a little different than its predecessor. It is an  action adventure first person shooter from MachineGames.

BJ Blazkowitz is still the hero of the game and the setting begins in world war II. After an extended intro, which lasts quite awhile as you PLAY through it, the story begins with BJ awakening in a hospice. This is where the action truly begins as you shoot and collect your way thru the chapters.

Since you are initially playing during World War II, you are fighting Nazi’s. As you get through the intro, you find that something went horribly wrong and Germany won the war and dominates the world with the advanced tech they have developed. The beginning weapons are period weapons and you move on to pick up the hybrids the Germans invented. This is an added layer  for finding the variety of weapons which can be upgraded with found items

The game has pretty straightforward progression throughout the game with the objectives and chapters. There are collectible items that help increase your skills and skills that need to be done to complete your skillsets and unlock trophies. Unlike other games, there aren’t any outrageous trophies (that i have come across). At one point in the game there is a morality decision that changes how the game can be played and how certain areas are accessed, a guarantee of another playthrough.

Hidden items, areas and collectibles are apart of this world so be on the lookout for items to find, such as Enigma Codes (unlock bonus modes), gold items, character models, and concept art and records (which are pretty interesting if you think about the world these were created in)

The New Order was a departure from the original which included a much more supernatural element. The sequel still has a strong and compelling storyline that dealt with the nazis but using advanced weaponry and alternate history. I enjoyed this take and the gameplay, its focus is character development, combat and adventure. I just barely missed the first previous games mystical elements.

Wolfenstein is a solid game, I can only hope that MachineGames can extend the gameplay with more DLC, as it was a very enjoyable shooter.

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