Saturday, June 28, 2014

ctOS App Review - Watchdogs App

When a game is released with a companion app for about 99% of those app's are a waste of memory on a phone. Yet for that 1% those app' scan bring a whole new layer to an already great game. This is exactly what the ctOS app does for Watchdogs . 

The police are one of the only ways to stop the terrorist known as Aiden Pearce, help make Chicago a better place by working side by side with the Blume Corp and their ctOS security. Players will take control of a police helicopter in Chicago, using any means to stop the criminals.. The main objective is to stop the console player before they can reach the 12th and final checkpoint (it won't always be 12 checkpoints). For the app user a mini map will take up the screen and give the user a location of the console player. The user can send out patrol cars, SUV's, and more as it is unlocked through gameplay. If the app user is fast enough they can set up road blocks and make so that the player has to get out of the car. If that happens chasing the console player as they run on foot gives the app user a big advantage. The action of this mini game is fast paced and it usually ends after a few minutes, I know most people at work will enjoy that. 

Stop them at all costs!

A few notes that people need to know before they play.

  • Use the tutorial- it always helps to know what you are doing. I made that mistake.
  • Uplay account is need to use the app
  • If you played Watchdogs on Playstation it will only connect you to Playstation consoles. Same with Xbox and PC players.
  • Use the sniper! 

I didn't say I was good

At my first trip in the world of Warchdogs I was completely disappointed. I really expected it  to not feel like another GTA clone. So when John had told me he was reviewing the game I knew I had to add the app to our review pile. This was my first step to the path of actually appreciating Watchdogs for what it is; an adventurous open-world game set in Chicago. The extreme pain of fleeing the police added to my Happiness, giving me more reason to love the app.

Easy to use menu

The few problems I have are usually the same ones with all the IPhone apps, no offline abilities. I really hate the pure fact that most of the games or apps I use have to connected to some kind of online connection. Sometimes the app would freeze or I would just get kicked for no real reason. Even after the last update this problem kept persisting. The problems are really just minor things that should not detour someone from using this app.

Check out iTunes on your mobile device or computer to download this great app. As always make sure your device is able to use this app. Right now this app requires iOS. 7.0. If your still unsure about the game Watchdogs check out this great review here by John McMillion. Be sure to follow me @davidyerion for news, photos, and random work related junk.

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