Monday, April 7, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier IPad Review

The Marvel cinematic universe is constantly expanding with every new movie they make.  With every movie that Marvel makes we can expect a game to complement the movies. Gameloft the developers of "Thor: The Dark World" have topped their last effort with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


Set along side the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, players will face some of Cap's most famous comic book foes. Without saying anything about spoiling the storyline players will face some pretty awesome villains. The plot of The Winter Soldier will change the entire Marvel movie and tv universe with some drastic reveals. 

Players control Captain America as he fights side by side with other Shield Agents, . The Winter Soldier game is a clone of the last game Thor: The Dark World. Every part of the game play and menu mechanics are perfect, because this formula works great for the IPad. Having a fast pace mobile game for the IPad with familiar controls and characters makes for a great game.

Controls for The Winter Soldier are split into two parts. Players can either just touch on the screen were they want Cap to move to or fight against, swiping the screen is  really all the player will be doing . The second choice players can look at the bottom of the screen they will notice that the game has an arcade stick function that actually works better then touching the screen. One aspect that makes this game a little more fun is the screen will not move to the smaller size when you move the IPad. Unlike The Dark World which could be played either way.


The mobile experience is even more fast paced with a fast paced Squad and Arena modes. Players will pick from the four Shield Agents to make a team of three agents. Players will be faced against another person online to have an instantaneous battle that only lasts seconds. Players will win money and more from each victory. The in-gamer purchases are still in the game, so players can spend real money if they want.

 The problem I had with this game is the online features. The only way to play Captain America is to always have an Internet connection through either wi-fi or cellular data. This effects if people want to play offline and in areas were they may not have connection issues. To me this restricts the game and doesn't make it a mobile game. It would be better played on a console that always has an Internet connection. The fact that players have to pay $2.99 to play this game is actually disappointing since the game has such a huge problem. It doesn't help that players can still use the Free to Play formula of micro-transactions on top of the initial fee to play it.

Other then that I completely recommend this game to anyone who loves these fast paced mission games, Marvel fans, and anyone looking for a fun game to play at work. I played the game on my IPad Mini and it is available right now on the iTunes Store. Just remember that it will only work if you have a constant internet connection. I would also like to add that as I upload this review it is on a day that I didn't think would happen, the first anniversary of Burney Gamer. I would like to thank all the people that read this blog and for having a user friendly post your own news section. Here's to making to for another year. Follow me on Twitter @davidyerion to ask questions and also to see some interesting pictures I post.

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