Friday, July 5, 2013

Spartacus Legends Review - Xbox Live, Psn

The era of free to play games on consoles is starting to get some better games. With the small list on Xbox Live you may think that Microsoft has no plans on adding them like Playstation has. Well with the future release of World of Tanks and this game Spartacus Legends, its looking like the free to play market won’t be so bad after all. 

Spartacus Legends takes all of its art style and content directly from the Starz tv show. From the original ludus that Spartacus was forced to fight for, and  to the character models of the cast; this game is all about the details. One detail that is used greatly in the game is the amount of blood and gore ( just like the show). Now if you play it and notice that the graphics are nothing compared to Halo 4 or Gears and you complain to me about it, don’t forget this is a free to play title... Meaning you could have a game like Happy Wars or you could just be happy with what was given to the gamer for free. 

Spartacus plays very much like a mix of Virtual Fighter and Soul Calibur, taking a little from both to make a some what sluggish fighting game at times. Your given the choice between eight different fighting styles. Sword & shield, dual swords, dual daggers, two handed hammer, trident, spear & shield, and unarmed. Each style will give you a different way to play the game. As you fight through each mission you will be rewarded with silver,experience, and sometimes if your lucky gold coins. As your fame gets higher the better fighting venues are unlocking and better rewards are given out. Each mission has a time limit that lets you go back and replay it as many times as your heart wants to smash the other gladiators.

Some of the characters from the show are playable as Legends; just don’t let them die, they cost some coins to revive them. Your given one free revive that you may want to save for one of the better gladiators unless you made one that will take on the world; thats right the game also has world rankings. Now gold is the Zynga like part of the game. If your lucky you make be rewarded with some after you complete a mission or you can just spend some actual money on it.  I looked and noticed that five dollars can get you fifty gold and so on and on. Getting gold will give you a chance to buy better equipment and boosts for your gladiator.

The detail taken from the show and the fact that this game is one of the better fighting games that was released this year. It may not be Injustice or Street Fighter, it does make for some good gaming. Spartacus Legends is out on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for the amazing price of FREE. As iv’e said before if your a fan of the show play it.. if you want to play a really good fighting game with tons of weapons to unlock download it.. Or if you just want some free Trophies and Achievements have at it because this is a game to play for every type of gamer.

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