Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Walking Dead-Season 2 - In Harms Way Review

Check out my review of the 3rd Episode of The Walking Dead.

 With any building it takes a great foundation to keep that building stable. The same works for videos games, if the beginning of the game starts strong then the rest of the game will follow. It also helps to have a strong story and characters that you can really get behind. The Walking Dead: In Harms Way continues with Clemintine showing how strong she has become since we first meet her in the tree house.

In Episode 3: In Harms Way our new little group has been thrown directly into the fire. Carver now has this group imprisioned in a retrofitted shopping center. A community that has seemingly made it through some tough times. The community seems like it is the perfect place to stay- plenty of food and shelter. The only problem is Carver is a deranged man who will sacrifice anyone who he feels is weak and unable to meet his standards. This of course doesn't sit we'll with our band of misfits. 

This episode is one of the sharpest and easily enjoyable episodes in the series. The pace of this episode only gets stronger as the player gets closer to the end. Even with all the unless acres deaths and sadness this is a great episode in The Walking Dead series. I will not spoil the episode be telling you what happens. Just play this game.

The episode was almost perfect, it did have just one problem. During the game when the screen go black with a loading screen. It just was extremely slow compared to the other episodes in the series. With that said this game just keeps getting better with each episode. 

The Walking Dead is worth every penny for any gamer that may be strapped for cash. Not only is this game available on mobile devices,consoles, and PC, it is now available on the Ps Vita. Players can either buy each episode for either $4.99 or players can buy a season pass for $19.99. Don't forget to follow me @davidyerion and check out our new writer John McMillion on the Burney Gamer blog.

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