Thursday, November 7, 2013

Battlefield 4 PS3 Review

My review of the best war game this year... And no it's not Call of Duty.

In the battle for being the best EA is mostly always on top with their games. With the war against Call of Duty they have never been close, that is until Battlefield 4 was released at the end of October. The sixth Battlefield game to come out on the current consoles and also the last Battlefield game to come out  on the current consoles, is also the best game of the entire series. With all of the past games EA has finally come one step closer to making that Call of Duty killer they so badly want.

I went for a swim.. A short swim

Most players find themselves picking between the multiplayer or the story mode. I usually always just jump in to the story first to get a feel for the whole game. Luckily EA released the first ten minutes of the game a while back so everyone has seen how the game is. Players start out trapped under water with their squad Tombstone Irish,Pac,Rec (the player), and the squad leader Dunn. Dunn gives the order the squad that they need to save themselves since he is trapped in the vehicle. So with that Recker takes Dunn's gun and shoots out the window.. Players are sent back to before that point,  we find the player running around an abandoned school while looking for the rest of the squad. The rest of the game is needed to be played, I will not ruin it for any player. The campaign really has it's moments yet it just feels mediocre compared to the campaign in Call of Duty:Black Ops or Battlefield 3. The shinning moments are the use of the Battle log and the introduction of the "squad" button. The use of Battle log in the single player keeps track of your scores and mission assignments and tracks them with your friends scores. It brings a small part of the multiplayer experience to the single player game. The "squad" button is really called the engage button. This causes your other squad members to engage any targets in you line of sight, this really helps to distract the enemy if your the type of player who enjoys using the knife more then a gun.
The Frostbite 3 engine makes this a beautiful game, except for the small problem of the next-generation consoles.  Players could go out and buy this game(which I recommend) or they can wait until mid-November and pick it up for either the Xbox One or Ps4. At no point can someone really compare the old systems to these new ones coming out. So know this; Battlefield 4 is a beautiful experience on the PS3. 

Picture your day on the beach enjoying a nice day of snipping. The weather is perfect for long range shots. But as your not paying attention the weather begins to darken and they begin to sneak up using the shadows behind you. That's just one of the feature of the new multiplayer experience. The maps also include features that may surprise soldiers as certain parts of the maps can cause certain death. Such as buildings collapsing on the unsuspecting soldiers below.  Commander mode,Obliteration mode, and Defuse mode bring this multiplayer experience into a whole new light. Players still have the best mode of all to play; Conquest. In Conquest players fight over the whole map trying to conquer certain points. The use of vehicles are completely allowed on the Conquest maps including jets. Holding each point will eliminate more points for the opposite side. When that number goes down to zero the match is over. The experience is as solid as Battlefield 3 multiplayer as well as a few additions.

                                              My Swim During Battlefield 4's Multiplayer

Battlefield 4 proves to be one hell of a gaming experience, it makes one excited to see how it plays on the Xbox One/Ps4. EA has been trailing behind the Call of Duty series for years now with the epic fail of the newer Medal of Honor and the great game that is Black Ops. That is not a problem any more. The only real problem is the freezing that would happen when I would try to log into the game. I know not being able to play online or even play anything is a big problem. With so much to lose EA will have a patch out to fix that and any other glitches. So my final verdict is: Battlefield 4 may have a some what boring campaign and epic multiplayer experience, so pick up this Call of Duty killer before you spend it on Ghosts.

Frozen at the right time...

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