Monday, November 4, 2013

Call of Duty: Strike Team IPad Review

Check out my review of this dismal Call of Duty game.....

With any Call of Duty game players can expect a great multiplayer experience and a thrilling story. Call of Duty:Strike Team for the IPad  doesn't come close to that.Call of Duty includes a dismal story and hardly any multiplayer. With all new experiments in life come some walls to climb over; Strike Team has a long way to tear those walls down.If Activision wants to continue making for titles for the IPad this series needs to make some serious changes.

The story isn't really that far off from every military game that has been made. Russians have possibly taken over an American facility. The facility is housing a new secret weapon and is understaffed in the security department. Only(Surprise) it's another group of terrorists using Russian military clothing as a disguise to cause a war , and also they plan on using our technology against us. The secret weapon is a EMP bomb; let's hide it in a remote area with no security to speak of. Players are given a strike team of two soldiers that they can control either in first person or the tactical third person view.  The new tactical view is the best feature that Activison has given us since Zombie mode. 

The touch screen is impressive with the new tactical third person view. Switching between either first person or third person players can control both soldiers on the screen. In first person players can easily switch between each soldier by pressing the picture of the other soldier. Swiping the ammo to the left can switch weapons, tapping the ammo reloads the weapon. The controls are set up like most arcade style games for the IPad. With the left of the screen players can move the soldier around and the right can fire weapons and move the screen. With tactical view engaged players can touch both soldiers pictures and they can control what the soldiers do. Say you want soldier A to sneak up and knife the the first guard; click the knife logo on the guard and a green line will show up with the path the soldier will take. One big thing is to remember that the other soldier can be used to take out any guards at the same time. Tactical view is the best part of this game. 

The Call of Duty franchise's backbone is multiplayer . Most gamers never finish the main story mode(check their achievements). It could be either the zombie mode or the regular multiplayer that is expected to be in all of these games. Yet Strike Team does not include those modes unless Survival mode is counted as multiplayer. Survival mode is fun even if it's just a horde mode with wave after wave of enemies trying to kill the player. Players receive experience points for each kill and can also receive ammo caches. The one feature that really could be used in the next game would be Elite, the Bluetooth and wi-fi in the IPad could have made for a great multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty: Strike Team is a great first attempt at a game that should be great. The price and lack of features really makes this not worth buying. Speaking of a lack of features, I really feel that Activison really dropped the ball by not including any other form of multiplayer in this game. This a game that all players should just avoid. With the release of Call of Duty: Ghost on November 5th, players should only buy that game. Yet if for some reason you the reader wants this game; make sure it works with either your IPhone or IPad. Some games are not set to work with the older phones and tablets.

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