Sunday, February 9, 2014

Flappy Bird No More

Well this is just weird, after the success of Flappy Bird the developer has decided to pull the plug on the game.

As reported by the Huffington Post and many other news outlets the recent indie game Flappy Bird will be taken off the mobile stores. It's really not known as to why this is happening, as you follow the tweets of Dong Nguyen the creator of Flappy Birds it gets a little overwhelming. Check out my review here.

If you look back to the replies you can see that people get meaner and more agressive about this game. The stress of all this usually does take its toll on people who just don't want it. The game itself is said to be making over $50,000 a day in advertising alone. Its a sad tale of a really fun game that will be no more. It is not known if players that already have the game will be able to still play it. Since the time frame of 22 hrs is close people will find out soon if they can still play.

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