Sunday, May 25, 2014

Godzilla-Strike Zone-IPhone Review

The summer is always the time for the epically huge movies to come out. Included with these movie releases are the games that trail behind them. When I first heard Godzilla was going to be made into a game from the movie I was excited. At the time I was expecting a monster mash of classic Toho monsters in a Pacific Rim style fighting game. The game fans and I received is a poorly designed handicapped first person shooter.

If you haven't watched the movie I will included spoilers. So enjoy.

The games three missions takes players into the destroyed city of San Francisco which is about half way in the movie. Just like the movie players will need to jump out of the plane, avoiding other soldiers and buildings while trying to make it to the city below. Once the player makes it into the city the controls and the graphics become a big problem. Controlling the soldier becomes annoying as the paths in front of the player look bland and blocky. Most iOS controls have been streamlined to make the gaming experience perfect. Godzilla felt like it was one of the first games made for the iPhone. When you walking it feels awkward and rushed, something that now should not be in a newer game.  Playing a game on the IPhone can be difficult do to the small size of the screen, a game that's poorly pixilated can be an even bigger problem.  

In the movie your actually not looking for survivors, they are looking for the missing nuclear weapon that the M.U.T.O. took from the train. The idea that they couldn't wait to release a game after the movie and actually have it follow closer to the movie is another problem I had with this game.. The biggest handicap in this game is the gun. Players only use the gun to shoot debris and other items in the game. This doesn't make for a great first person shooter, in fact this whole idea doesn't make for a great game at all. At least in the movie the S.W.A.T. team in Hawaii use their weapons to shoot at something other then a few crates and rocks.

You have a gun... Use it to shoot crates
Godzilla- Strike Zone is a free to play game available for mobile devices. The game has a Facebook feature that takes screen shots of the game and posts the to your wall, this is by far the easiest and most useful part of the game. The movie is a fantastic version of the classic Toho Godzilla movies, the game is a just a bunch of wasted code that was rushed together to advertise the movie. I do not recommend this game to anyone at any level of gameplay. Just avoid this sad take on a classic movie monster.

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 If players want to play a great Godzilla game then they need to find a copy of Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee for the Xbox and PS2 systems. If you enjoy me reviews and rants check me out @davidyerion and our newest writer John McMillion at Burney Gamer.

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