Saturday, January 25, 2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Clan Wars - 6th War - Antarctica- Over

Today the 6th Clan Wars begins.. Click below to find out more information

2/3- Hope Everyone had a great Clan Wars.
   The one thing that I saw the most was people complaining about cheating.. If you think something is us seen a picture of the people in the match to Beach Head Studios Twitter account... Can't wait for the next one.

1/31- Well this is my last update for the Clan Wars. If your feeling like a clan is cheating contact @beachheadstudios on Twitter with a screen shot of the final score. Some clans are having members force the other side to lose, Like Domination. I was in a match against a full clan and the guys on our side never went and took a location, they were camping and just getting the occasional kill. So watch out.

1/30- Diamond Division is getting so epic gear..So far this War has been going better for people.

1/29- First update-Players have less then an hour until clan wars begins (12pm Pacific). My advice go for the easy kill first, find the nodes that take the least amount of work and over load those. Also I  added a page just for Clan Wars so click here to go to it. Hopefully as this thing keeps growing I will be able to help more. Diamond Division has it's own start time so if your clan moved up check with your clan leader on when you can play. Added the badges as well.


The Legend Lives - Finish in the top 3 of Clan Wars Antarctica

Eye for an Eye - Hold 4 nodes simultaneously


Capture these locations to get the points- Each location shows how many wins it will take to win that location. Just because you've taken it over means you can stop, maybe assign a mode to certain members to keep the wins going.

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