Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thank You Mr. Iwata.

Today is a sad day in the gaming world. President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata has passed away. He brought the fun back into the world of Nintendo.

Nintendo as I have grown up as always been that rock that you could always count on. If you had a bad day at school or work Mario was always waiting on the TV. In the some of the toughest moments in my life I had some Nintendo console to help me through it. Either it was a NES, Gamecube, Game Boy SP, or even the Wii.

When I was younger I had no friends and I was always that loner in the lunch room. When I came home my dad and I would destroy Super Mario Bros 3. I didn't feel like a loner then; I had my friend Nintendo with me and my dad. Mr Iwata continued that feeling into the launch of the Gamecube and other consoles.

Im older now and it always seemed Nintendo just isn't for me at this age. Mr. Iwata showed me that no matter the age Nintendo was for anyone willing to enjoy it.

I have fallen in love with my 3DS and the enjoyment that it brings is unmeasurable. Somehow the fun even caught on with my dad and step mother. Nintendo always has that way to make us all feel young again.

We have all lost a great figure in the gaming community.

RIP Satoru Iwata

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