Saturday, January 11, 2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars The 5th War- Rio- Over

Looks like the next war is in Brazil..

This Clan Wars is over.. Hope every one did great

Update - 1/19/14 So with less the 15hrs to go how are your clans doing? Keep it up!

So if your Clan is just not getting any points... Look to the Tweet for your answer... It took a while but this is the only answer I can find.. Sorry to all the Clan's that are not getting their wins.

Update- 1/16/14

The app seems to be not working, I and others have had problems with it. Currently it is not showing wins.. I've sent messages to Beachhead Studios and Activision Support.. Just waiting..

Update - 1/15/14 Added the pictures of Nodes, includes locations and CP value.

Update - 1/15/14 Added info on Nodes.. Also Good luck

Update- 1/14/14 Added Achievements for Clan Wars and new Rule- Check below

I thought I had it all covered for the weekend.. I'm so happy I payed attention to my Twitter yesterday( so much for praising the app)...

As usual I will post the descriptions and more as it is released on this post... so bookmark it!..


Welcome to the Jungle

Jungle Fever Achievement
Finish in the top 3 of the Rio de janeiro Clan War

Undead Rising

Unwavering Achievement
Hold a node for 3 days

Rule Changes

Roster Lock- I reported about this when they announced the new Diamond Division; the day before the clan wars all clan rosters will be locked. No changes made the day of Clan Wars will affect that current war. If your looking to beef up your clan do it two days before Clan Wars.

Nodes CP Value


Check out the locations in a better view, It's saves me the time of typing each one individually and gives you something to look at in case you don't have the app. ( The airport is not always the Primary Target, just for the moment I took the picture)




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